This newest entry in the beloved and long running 10Up series explains the origins of the mysterious liquid that became the number one drink in the world, due to its almost magic like properties.

After the initial discovery by the professor the first attempts at mass producting 10Up are made. You are tasked with running this first factory and overseeing its workers. But the process is difficult to execute, so your inexperienced workers will produce cheap substitutes at first. Financial loss is imminent, but there is always the option of cutting pauses in order to increase factory output while sacrificing your workers’ health. And at some point in their lives your employees working power will decrease again, making it less and less ‘unfortunate’ should they expire due to overworking. How far are you willing to go in pursuit of the greater good, i.e. world domination fueled by 10Up (which means 100 drinks produced without going bankrupt)?

Made by Ingo Jakobs and Christian Reuter, contains sprites and code fragments created by Martin and Robert Konrad.

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